Patient education illustrations and icons

Illustrations and graphic assets made for Seamless Mobile Health.

Types of drawing:

1. Icons and other graphic assets:

pain scale faces
pain scale faces


2. Instructional: “how to” drawings visualizing a certain process, such as how to open and empty ostomy bag.

Open and empty ostomy bag| Adobe Illustrator
Open and empty ostomy bag| Adobe Illustrator
Take off gauze on wound while leaving the steri strips intact| Illustrator

3. Anatomical: Illustrations shows parts of human body involved in a surgical procedure, or a surgical process (i.e. partial removal/bypass of the stomach). Details are simplified to make it easier for patients to understand.

Roux en y surgery| modified anatomy to show digestive pathway| Illustrator

4. Single image to visualize the object/process as it is. i.e. simple exercise poses, equipment.

Lie on your side straight with pillow| Illustrator
Clamp on grab rail