Freelance scientific illustrator and mobile app designer

Mobile application Design and  illustrations

A joint project between Toronto Zoo and Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to create an Android and iOS application that brings awareness of freshwater mussel species conservation to the general public.  Available in both English and French, Clam Counter allows users to report their mussel sightings to the Zoo and DFO. It can also be used offline as a convenient reference library of all freshwater mussel species in Canada. The app is available for download now on Google Play and the App Store.


Scientific illustrations for University of British Columbia

5 years engagement with Dr. Daniel Pauly for Sea Around Us project, a research initiative at University of British Columbia. Prepare illustrations for online journal and book publications. Known publications include Global Atlas of Marine Fisheries, a 500-page atlas presenting key results of the Sea Around Us project.



Patient education illustrations

5 years engagement with venture backed digital health company Seamless MD. Working closely with patient education specialists to provide illustrations that help patients prepare for surgery and recover from surgery. Prepare mock-ups and wireframes of experimental concepts for demo purposes when needed. Illustrations are completed using Adobe Illustrator.

Types of drawing:

1. Icons and other graphic assets:

pain scale faces
pain scale faces


Newsletter art for SeamlessMD
Newsletter art for the month of March 2017

2. Instructional: “how to” drawings visualizing a certain process, such as how to open and empty ostomy bag.

Open and empty ostomy bag| Adobe Illustrator
Open and empty ostomy bag| Adobe Illustrator
Take off gauze on wound while leaving the steri strips intact| Illustrator

3. Anatomical: Illustrations shows parts of human body involved in a surgical procedure, or a surgical process. Details are simplified to make it easier for patients to understand.

Epidural vs spinal anaesthesia for C section patients
Epidural vs spinal anaesthesia for C section patients

Illustrations for undergraduate physiology course

1-year engagement with Dr. Douglas Altshuler and Dr. Agnes Lacombe during undergraduate years for a 300-level physiology course. Main theme of illustrations is cell biology, cell to cell interaction, entry level neurology, and entry level anatomy. Illustrations are completed using Photoshop and Illustrator.