I'm a designer!


I am a visual thinker who loves to communicate using pictures and diagrams. I strive to create a simple and delightful experience for everything I do. I collaborate with product managers, developers, and scientists to bring their ideas to life.

About Evelyn

I am an awkward penguin that is not afraid to lead the tempo of the conversation. If we were to work together, I would be your most trustworthy sidekick in our journey into the unknown space of UX design.

I enjoy designing experiences not only backed by research and data, but also by a deep understanding of the user's journey.

My design process is flexible depending on the projects I'm working on. But I always ask myself these questions: "is this an enjoyable experience for the user?" "is this clear for the user?" "can they accomplish the task easily?"


Currently working on

Design consultant on-call, I collaborate with engineering and content team members to deliver a smoother patient experience for our customers.

Client: SeamlessMD

I work with the Toronto Zoo to deliver an engaging digital solution for teachers and students in Ontario schools.

Client: Toronto Zoo

Past projects

I help fishery scientists and fishing hobbyist identify invasive species using my design powers

Client: Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

I collaborated with Toronto Zoo and government scientists to design and develop an app that helps them record and track freshwater mussel species.

Client: Toronto Zoo